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Houston Tree Services is an fully licensed, bonded and insured Tree Service Company based in Houston, Texas. We offer quality tree trimming, pruning and removal as well as many other services. Houston Tree Services employs 9 ISA Certified Arborists. We have the experience and skills to provide you with the most advanced tree care services. Since our inception in 1996, our company has experienced rapid growth by offering quality work at affordable rates. Because our ultimate goal, a satisfied customer is the end result of our growth, we will continue to grow throughout Southeast Texas.

Houston Tree Services is a professional association member and holds many credentials as a premier tree care company. Our company has been rated a Premier Company by Home Services Review, Gold Standard Rated from the Consumer Business Review, and has an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. Angie’s List, Yelp, and Yelp also list many 5-star reviews. Arbor Care is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and a certified arborist. We are also a member of the Tree Care Industry Association and a certified arborist of the Tree Care Industry Association.

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Top-Rated Tree Care Services In Houston, TX

We have certified tree care technicians, equipment, and vehicles on hand to provide tree services of all types, including residential tree trimming or full-scale commercial property maintenance. Perhaps you are considering an overall clean-up of your property’s trees, elimination of a dangerous tree’s and branches, or want to find out more about comprehensive tree care maintenance, call the tree care professionals at “Houston Tree Services”!

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services | Houston Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Houston tree trimming should be an integral part of any tree maintenance program. Tree trimming improves safety and can increase property value. We can begin trimming your trees when they are about one year old. Tree trimming is the careful removal of branches and limbs to improve tree structure and appearance. Tree trimming can also help control the size of trees and prevent damage to property.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services | Houston Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Houston Tree Services has the best crews. We offer tree pruning services for commercial and residential properties. It doesn't matter what you call it, Tree Trimming or Tree Cutting. Houston and the surrounding areas are proud to offer professional tree pruning. All pruning operations are performed in accordance with the latest ANSI A300 industry standards.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services | Houston Tree Services

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery and tree repairs typically involve professional arboriculturist techniques for tree care. This includes diagnosing, monitoring, and treating diseases and damage. Houston Tree Services offers expert tree surgery and tree repairs in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. We provide complete tree surgery and tree repairs for commercial and residential properties.

Tree Removal | Houston Tree Services

Tree Removal

Houston tree removal is required when a tree needs to be taken down. Arbor Care, Inc. is equipped with the right equipment and has the experience to complete the job safely and securely. Contact us if you have dangerous or dead trees on your property. We are experts in tree removal, including stump removal in Houston.

Stump Removal | Houston Tree Services

Stump Grinding

Trees that have been cut often leave behind large stumps which can become a home for many insects. Houstonians know that stump removal is something you cannot do yourself. It takes at least 10 years to let nature do its thing and allow the stump to decay. Trees can become too dense to allow for foundations, power lines or driveways to be built. Our stump grinding equipment is the most cost-effective and easiest way to remove trees.

Stump Removal

It's time for you to call the Houston stump and tree removal specialists, the tree care professionals. The job of removing a tree is just one part. Professional tree care professionals are needed to properly grind the stump, remove any debris, and restore the natural beauty of your landscape. It is not a good idea to leave a stump in your yard, as it can ruin the landscaping's aesthetics.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning Services | Houston Tree Services


Many people ask our arborists this question: When should we trim our trees? We know that the answer to this question isn’t always straightforward, so we have created a guide to help you get it right. Arborists must consider the specific tree being pruned, as well as other factors such as the potential impact of insects and trees’ susceptibility for disease.

The winter months are the best time to trim or prune trees and shrubs. Most trees go dormant between November and March. This makes winter the best time to prune or trim them.

Although some plants may need more pruning than others, it is best to only trim 15 to 20% of a tree’s canopy at a time. This will help you remember for the next time. Let’s not lose sight of the present. This step-by-step guide will help you fix any damage caused by pruning your plant too heavily.

Pruning is used for removing unwanted branches. … Trimming promotes healthy growth. To create a healthier and more beautiful landscape, both services can be performed at different times throughout the year.

Gallery Of Our Most Recent Tree Trimming & Removal Projects

Houston Tree Services
Houston Tree Services
Houston Tree Services

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